The Quality policy of BHARAT UDYOG is to manufacture the 'BU' Brand Oxy-Acetylene Gas & Electric Welding, Cutting equipments and Safety Appliances meeting the user’s requirements of performance and maintainability by:–

A)      Adopting a quality management system which ensures conformance to designs and Specifications at every stage of manufacturing;

B)      Constantly reviewing and up grating designs, Specifications and process to improve product performance;

C)     Ensuring Quality of purchased materials by establishing an effective system of vendor evaluation and approval;

D)     Having an effective System of communication and training to make every employee aware of the quality policy of the BHARAT UDYOG and motivate them to implement and maintain the quality System.


BHARAT UDYOG will constantly strive for cost effectiveness to ensure maximum value to the customers, especially since the sale price is “AT COST BASIS”.

It is the intention of BHARAT UDYOG to remain the leader in the manufacture of 'BU' Brand Oxy-Acetylene Gas and Electric Welding, Cutting equipments and Safety Appliances in ‘India’ in terms of both quality and cost.



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